Olmec Vs Teotihuacan Culture Analysis

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A common element found within the cultures of Mesoamerica was the way they expressed themselves, "primarily in oral modes of expression… and mute texts” (Carrasco, 47). This was observed in the Olmec and Teotihuacan culture. Although, the Olmec culture was from formative Mesoamerica and the Teotihuacan culture was from contemporary Mesoamerica there were noticeable similarities and differences between the two cultures. Evidence of influence and continuity was found linking the Olmec and Teotihuacan culture. The Olmec and the Teotihuacan are from different time periods but they share similarities. One similarity is their views of cosmogonies. Richard Diehli author of The Olmecs: America's first civilization, explains the significance of caves in the Olmec cosmogony. Diehli …show more content…

This explains why there are sculptured scenes of people emerging from caves. This cosmogony does not pertain only to the Olmec but also to Teotihuacan and “later pan-Mesoamerican” (Diehli, 134). But it is not limited to just caves scholars have suggested that pyramids and mountains are symbols associated with birth, origins, and celestial realms. In Teotihuacan we see caves, pyramids, and mountains all of which have a kind of god or goddess illustrating birth and origins. Another similarity found between the Olmec and Teotihuacan were the rituals although each had a distinct form of religion there were noticeable rituals that were common between the two. Two common rituals found between the two were sacrifices and bloodletting. Reilly explains that blood “was a magical substance opening the portal between the natural and supernatural cosmic

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