Olson Women's Center Case Study

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Olson Women’s Center which is located in Nebraska Medicine is a clinic designed especially for women and a major focus is on obstetrical and gynecological services. Olson Women’s Center sits in the inner city and sees about on average around 300 patients a day. Olson Women’s Center does not turn any patient away who is pregnant. They will receive care to make sure the unborn is getting the best care it can. Access to health care services for contraceptives is important to help keep unwanted pregnancies at bay. A large portion of the population that is seen at the clinic where I work only had insurance for the duration of the pregnancy and no coverage after the patient delivers. To help stop unwanted pregnancies categorical data was collected to see what portion of population that comes to the clinic could not afford long lasting contraceptives. When doing research it shows that the inner city clinic populations have a higher percentage of pregnancies based on lack of health insurance, the high cost of contraceptives and no education regarding contraceptives. Based on research obtained there is a higher rate of pregnancy and childbirth among the lower poverty community.
The management of the clinic were seeing a rise in unwanted pregnancies especially with our undocumented patients and patients who were not educated regarding …show more content…

This program was developed to expand training for nursing, medical students, residents and family planning fellows to increase patient access in vulnerable populations in the immediate or early post-abortion or post-partum periods ( Finer said. These methods, such as the levonorgestrel and copper IUD and birth control implants, are associated with failure rates of less than 1%, while the failure rates of birth control pills and condoms are about 9% and 18%,

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