On Dumpster Diving: A Wasteful Consumer

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Wasteful Consumer

Many individuals are accustomed to waste at least a portion of what they buy, whether it is food, clothes, furniture, supplies, or materials worldwide. According to the article: “On Dumpster Diving” many valuable items were found by the homeless who searched the dumpster for food. Surprisingly, they found useful items that helped them survive throughout each day. In fact, the products were worth for the exchange of money. At certain times, I myself may be considered to be a wasteful person during certain times such as, not finishing my drink and throwing more than half of it away. While rushing at work during break, this is a usual situation for many people Although, it isn't necessarily on purpose it is considered wasteful, valuable and influence advertising.
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For example; my friend Crystal served herself a plate of food and eat only a small portion of it because she was full. She grabbed the leftovers of food and threw all of it in garbage. Do you think this is wasteful? This is a perfect example of how food is wasted while others are starving. In addition, it is a waste of money having to buy something that in reality it has finished. However, it was put to waste and thrown away. Analyze how many people who are in need of items should be
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