• Assess The Benefits Of Rehabilitation To The Community

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Rehabilitation in the community can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how the person looking at it, some people may say its good because they get to get out of jail faster and get help in trying to get a job and maintain that job. And some people can say its bad because they get out of jail to soon and risk the possibility of him or her going back to there ways and committing another crime because the temptation is still there. Through out this essay I will be talking about how the rehabilitation can benefit the community and how it can also put people in danger even though the offender is being monitored by a care taker.
There are many programs that an offender getting out of jail for either early release or work release, …show more content…

Even though he is in jail and that way they can feel good about them selves and continue to maintain their job and get out of the life he had before. This sounds good for the people that are trying to get their life together and provide for their families or them selves.
Another good way for offenders to get out to the community is be released to Half Way Houses. Half way houses are for all kinds of offenders including the high-risk offenders they are managed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are so many houses available for offenders that it made it hard for people to count them all in a recent study in 2003 researchers counted 628 facilities housing over 19,500 offenders which is good because that is a bunch of people out of prison and not being over populated. In addition, it is a lot cheaper to supervise offender through half way houses. The cost to maintain an offender in a half way house is $43 a day, which is around $16,000 instead of the $40,000 or more a year to keep a inmate in jail its more than half (Alarid, 2010). Half way houses give the offender a feeling of being free but with still being supervised so that they wont go back to their ways and commit any crimes, which in some cases do happen,
Now for the negative effects of Rehabilitation in the community People will still feel a sense of fear knowing that a inmate has been released from jail and is not living in their neighborhood. Even though they know that parole or probation are monitoring

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