On The Road: Middle School Football: Positive Impacts Of Society

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Positive Impacts of Society
Society has a positive impact on individuals because people help and take care of each other. Three examples are: a video titled “On the Road: Middle School Football”, a poem named “The World Is Not a Pleasant Place to be”, and a book titled The Outsiders. Each of these stories shows how having friends makes our life better. Friends help us to not feel alone and to get us through tough times.
In the video “On the Road: Middle School Football”, the players had a positive effect on a learning disabled boy. First, Steve Hartman talks to Keith, the learning disabled boy. “What was it like when you crossed the line?” Steve asks Keith. “Awesome!” Keith replies. (On the Road: Middle School Football). Keith finally got a chance to do something he would probably never do and he went from being like a nobody to making everyone’s day. Another example of this is from Justice Miller, the wide receiver. “Justice Miller says how he went from caring about himself and his friends to caring about everyone and trying to make everyone’s day in everyone’s life.” (On the Road: Middle School
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An example would be “The world is not a pleasant place to be without someone to hold and be held by.” (1-3) It is hard to love a life where no one is ever supporting each other. Secondly, “A river would stop its flow if only a stream were there to receive it.” (4-7) Moreover, it still is an example of how people need support. People can’t just go about life with no one ever supporting them. Next, the example shows what it would be like if someone was always alone. “An ocean would never laugh if clouds weren’t there to kiss her tears.” (8-10) If you are always alone and never with someone, you would never get support. As previously said, the poem leaves a positive effect on how people need
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