On The Run By Alice Goffman

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On The Run, Alice Goffman focuses on a particular group of young Black men living in a poor neighborhood, segregated from resources that would be found in more economically advanced neighborhoods. A “resource” that they do run into more than often is over policing in their neighborhood. As they are disproportionately targeted for arrest to fill quotas, this constant behavior and events deemed as a norm (either little children have made a game of cops catching and being overly aggressive to Black boys), hinders their process at advancing within American society. Systematic oppression against a minority group slows and puts racial tension progress at a standstill as they are continued victims of larger forces. What truly works against them once locked up and released, is when they were not given a chance based on race, now based on criminal history. People in such situations are left with one option, in order for them to survive and provide for their families, they must do it through illegal activity. Locking people up and returning into the same environment which had limited resources does nothing to solve larger powers at play. Specifically interpreting The Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, oppression 6th street boys experience from race, and class aspects, as well as age and educational background, at different parts in American history, a continued oppression against Blacks remain, and the difference between documents/laws that are
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