On-going Issues in the Anti-dumping Investigation

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The determination of the like products has long been a controversial and ongoing issue in anti-dumping investigation. Although the term like product has been around since the signature of the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade in 1947, yet this term has not been settle by now. The definition of the like product which is stated in article 2.6 aim to focus on the characteristic resemble; the product can be considered as like product when two conditions are satisfy: the identical characteristic and the similar characteristic. The definition of the like product set forth in the latter article, is indeed need to be reformed. According to the answer of Mr. Joseph Bosh , an officer of communication office of WTO whether the WTO has a purpose to reform the new definition of the like product which stated in article 2.6 of anti-dumping agreement, the answer was yes, he did agree that the definition for the time being is vague and ambiguous, so WTO has included about this issue in ongoing Doha round. For the specific answer what should WTO reform the definition of the like product in Anti-dumping law is still being a question; there is no answer to this question. In my own perspective, the definition of the like product in WTO anti-dumping law should be reformed regarded to several reasons such as:  The definition of the like products provided by article 2.6 of the anti-dumping agreement is vague and ambiguous.  The investigating authority enjoys much discretion in like
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