On the Decks of the Titanic, A Night to Remember, Written by Walter Lord

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Written by Walter Lord in November 1955 in the United States, “A Night to Remember” takes place on the Titanics’ many decks while sailing along the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean looked like glass, it was calm cruising along the Atlantic. On April 14, 1912, with 1316 passengers and 891 crew members, the Titanic left on it’s Maiden Voyage for New York City. Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee were on duty in the crow's nest and being the “lookouts” they did see an iceberg, but seeing that the ship was “unsinkable” they felt that there was no need to sound an alarm. Some passengers aboard were still wide awake; playing cards or enjoying the gorgeous scenery. While many others were already sound asleep. Around 11:40 that night some people heard a grinding noise coming from the inside of the ship. Then word got around that they had hit an iceberg! But not very many seemed worried and soon, everyone carried on. Soon they realized that the collision was a lot worse than had been anticipated, Captain Smith and some crew members went to check the damage, as they did the crew came to find out that the iceberg had caused a gash in the side of boiler room! This forced the boat to be evacuated. But the Titanic only had enough row boats for a fraction of the passengers. People went back into their rooms and took things that were most valuable to them. At 12:15 A.M. the first wireless call for help was made. The crew would have to act fast otherwise, the Titanic would soon be under the Atlantic,

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