On the Other Side: Chapter 1

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She stared dully at her father’s lifeless body as the blood pooled around him, oozing from his open wounds. She had never felt such overwhelming power and she loved it. She turned her gaze to her trembling mother in the corner and a menacing smile slowly spread across her face. The fear spurred her on and her insides churned pleasantly as she watched her own reflection in her mother’s wide, frightened eyes deliver the same punishment as she had to her father. She put the blade in her mouth and tasted her mother’s blood, savoring the flavor as if it were a delicacy. She moaned as she rubbed her bloodied hands down her curves, smearing her parents’ blood down her body with a delightful shiver.
“What have you done?”
She faced the newcomer, licking her lips. “Hello, my love.” She held up the blade and watched, almost mesmerized, as the blood dripped thickly from the edge. “Doesn’t it just turn you on?” she moaned as she rubbed her thigh, blood staining her skin. The dark grin reappeared on her face. “Will you die for me too?” She awoke with tears on her face as the final images of her slaughtering her best friend faded into memory. She numbly got out of bed to open her window, allowing the cold air to hit her clammy skin. She looked at her hands, almost expecting to see them stained red and sighed when pale flesh greeted her. Taking several deep breaths to compose herself, she stood and marched…

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