One-Child Policy was China's Answer to Overpopulation Essay

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Population In October 12, 1999, the world's population has reached to 6 billion people. about only 12 years later (October 31, 2011) the world has gone up to 7 billion. Many people on the planet are worried about the world population going too high. They fear that too many people would result in starvation and quick depletion of resources. Some people believe that we should have some type of law that would limit the number of children we can have in each family. Something similar has come true in China about 30 years ago. In September 25, 1980, China's One-Child Policy has been created. This policy keeps parents from having more than one baby with the exception of twins, triplets, quadruplets, and so on. Parents may also have …show more content…

Most people seem to be in favor of this policy, but there are still many others who would speak against this. The One-Child Policy does have some downsides to them. One huge problem with this policy is that if a woman is pregnant with a second child, she must face abortion, even though it may be against the law to submit to abortion under certain circumstances. There is a story of a woman in China who was 7 months pregnant with a second child, and even though it was against the law to have abortion when 6 months pregnant or longer, she was forced to face abortion. Another problem was the amount of support that the one child can give to his or her parents and grandparents when he or she becomes an adult. The adult child would not have any Omar Rivera brothers or sisters to help him/her support the family. Following the One-Child Policy would lead to some consequences that may affect some more than others.

The One-Child Policy has its pros and cons. It has benefited China as it reduced social problems, economic problems, environmental problems, and poverty. Of course, it has its downsides as well. This policy involves forced abortions and an increase in problems with family support. One must decide if the One-Child Policy is either necessary or a terrible idea. In my opinion, I honestly believe that the

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