One Day Of The Life Of Ivan Denisovich By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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The novel, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, depicts how prisoners endure and survive life in the gulag camp. Solzhenitsyn suggests that the prisoners’ ability of surviving in the camp depends on how they view the work they are assigned. Within the camp a majority of the prisoners’ time is spent dedicated to work assigned to them from the guards. Throughout the novel it is suggested that those who have a good work ethic are more likely to survive than those who do not. The ways in which they can survive include being hard-working, focusing intently on the work and taking on multiple job roles. This allows them to gain favours or an offering from fellow prisoners. This is principally shown through the two contrasting characters, Ivan Denisovich and Fetiuokov.
Ivan Denisovich, also referred to as Shukhov, is described as extremely hard-working and is always occupied with jobs that may at first appear arbitrary. Although they appear to be arbitrary they are actually carefully and selectively chosen according to what Shukhov will gain in return from completing them. Ivan Denisovich is thought to be one of the best workers in the camp because of his positive attitude towards work. Whilst working on a wall there was need of a bricklayer so “Shukhov thought he might as well be one” because he believes that “if you can do two things with your hands, you’ll soon pick up another ten.” (Pg. 79). Through these quotes there is a sense of positivity to his
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