One Female By The Name Of Jane Doe

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One female by the name of Jane Doe was the focus of this interview. Jane is a forty-seven-year old White lesbian who identifies as American. Jane was recruited through a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that the interviewer frequents, and was chosen for convenience. The participant was asked to volunteer because the interviewer wanted to work with a person who was culturally diverse and was known to have attachment issues with her parents. Jane was told the purpose of the interview and why she was chosen. She stated that she was “thrilled to help” (J. Doe, personal communication, April 1, 2017). The participant was not compensated in any form for her participation. For a length of two hours, Jane was interviewed and recorded at the…show more content…
She stated that she started drinking after the death of her mother and she hated living with her abusive father. Jane stated, “I drank because I felt like I had to be perfect and for most of my life I felt like an outsider looking in” (J. Doe, personal communication, April 1, 2017). She also reported through welled up eyes that she never felt love or close to either of her parents. “My mother confused me because she acted like she hated me but would not let me out of her sight when I was young, and my father was just physically abusive” (J. Doe, personal communication, April 1, 2017). Subject’s twenties. Jane stated that her twenties were a “blur” with all the drinking and partying. “My mother had left me a lot of money when she died and I was living the high life” (J. Doe, personal communication, April 1, 2017). She stated that she was very depressed and angry at her parents, so she drank and became extremely promiscuous and dropped out of law school. She met her husband and they partied together, which she stated that he saved her life by becoming her husband because she was suicidal. They moved to Florida where she became more dependent on her husband as he worked and she stayed home as a homemaker. Jane stated she worked odd jobs at university and colleges as her inheritance dwindled. She bought a house without putting her husband’s name on it. Her drinking progressively got worse as she started to think about women sexually. “I made a pass at
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