One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Psychology

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The movie One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest accurately resembles the antiquated asylums and treatments of the mid-1970. As well as, reminded me heavily of the movie Girl interrupted that takes place in the 1960s starring Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder. Although, in this film starring the iconic Jack Nicolson, as Randle McMurphy that has recently been transferred from prison to an Oregon mental institution because of his consistent outbursts of anger and violence. Among arriving the character can be seen, as inconsiderate of others feelings and full of raw sexual innuendos that he throws out for shock value to create a reaction. Also, he can be seen smiling from the beginning because he is reassured that his stay at the asylum would be a breeze …show more content…

As well as, shows how patients socialize when being detained either by choice or for their own benefit by the state. Yet, I was unexcited to see the consistent dependency on medication versus cognitive or behavioral therapies which I feel would have been more beneficial for all of the characters; including McMurphy. In fact, in the group therapy Nurse Ratchet does not enthusiastically indulge participation, but instead sits with an intimidating look that does not exactly scream tell me how you are feeling today. Also, I feel in the end Nurse Ratchet begins to see how demented she had become after the patient Billy Biddet commits suicide after she continually threatens him that she will tell his mother on him. Moreover, she is also responsible for the sudden outburst of all the patients because one can only compact another for, so long before they explode which is apparent when McMurphy attacks her for being, so harsh and causing Billy to kill himself. Regrettably, McMurphy solidified his fate and was murdered by a fellow patient after his electro convulsive therapy treatment left him catatonic. In the end, Mcmurphy finally got what he wanted which was to be free from all restraints, yet it was only by his own choices to put himself before others that he gave one of them freedom. It was a very great film and I look

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