One Week of Vacation, Two weeks of Deathly Illness, And Four Months of Reincarnation

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There was a young man who looks scared. His arm was proper up on the grey chair with the white rubber band. He looked nervous and might not know what going on. As he waiting for the nurse, he was look at all of the tube that hold blood. She was preparing for his valuable blood by the white basket on the wooden table. There were only a few thing that can come to mind; how he got where he is at, what is going on, is he dying, and can he might just be sick.

The week of Christmas I went to Colorado to be able just to spend time with my parents and sisters without having issue with the rest of the family. We left on the twenty-second from Lafayette airport. We flight thought Lafayette, and Dallas Airport, to get Denver, Colorado. We took a …show more content…

Darkness failed and it was our last night there. We made sure we had everything and gave the food we had left over to this man and his son that look like they had nothing that live at the hotel. Then we left in the morning to come back home.

On January 11, 2013 I felt horrible on my second day of my last semester of high school. I went thought it like no other day just with a lot of pain, then after school I went to work. I was sweating more than usually. I ache all of over and I did not understand why. So I work faster to complete all of my work ahead of time to be able to leave earlier. Which I did and came home. I told my mother what was going on. Then she check my body temperature. It was a little elevated. So I just went to sleep and the next morning it was higher. So, we went to see my doctor. And they said it was just something like the flu. They told us to treat the symptoms. During that night my fever spikes to 106.8, I could not move much I was going in and out consciousness. I lost more than twenty pound during that week I could not eat or drink anything my eyes would not open much, and everything made me hurt. We called the doctor he said to come-in, in the morning. When I went the doctor said it is not a virus but only thing it can be is a bacteria. They told me to do a urinalysis there. Which I did and my urine was reddish. My nurse went to the doctor immediately. They send me to the hospital with a few blood work. After that they started ask me

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