One Woman That Lead The Way For Injured Soldiers

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One Woman That Lead The Way For Injured Soldiers She was born on December 25, 1921, Clara was raised in a family of four children, all of them at least 11 years older than her. Clara’s childhood consisted more of babysitters than siblings, each taking part of her education. Clara rose at the academic part of life, but was very shy among strangers. School was not something that made her happy in life, being too hard to fit in with her other classmates after having such a lonely childhood. The idea of being a pain to the family was in Clara’s head and felt that the way to get her family 's love was to do exceedingly well in her classes to find the thing that she felt was needed to be earned. She was incredibly proud of the positive attention that her achievement of an academic scholarship. This happiness for her accomplishment in the field of academics enriched her taste for masculine accomplishments. Her mother however, began to take notice of this and began to teach her to be more feminine by cooking dinners and building fires. The 1830’s was a time when the women of the United States really began to take a stand for the rights that they so rightly deserved. Growing up in the midst of this most likely helped Clara become the woman she turned out to be. Clara grew up with her older brothers and male cousins being the main image when she was younger. Clara started to act like them, she was not interested in the dolls that most young girls were interested in playing with. She
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