One's a Heifer by Sinclair Ross

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Sinclair Ross`s "One's a Heifer" demonstrates the conflict between appearance and reality of the protagonist and his quest to find his aunt and uncles' missing calves. The main character, Peter is on a quest to finding some missing calves when he stumbles upon Arthur Vickers, a mysterious and suspicious man during his journey. One major conflict found is that Peter continues on suspecting Vickers for stealing the calves, where in reality he had no proof for accusing him nor where their evidence in the end that he kept them hidden. It would get to the point where Peter has gone to the point of assuming the kind of character Arthur Vickers is by just remembering something his uncle had once told him. Overall, the conflict begins when Peter believes he saw the calves from quite a distance away. The thought that Peter could have just imagined and made himself believe that he saw the calves where in reality he did not. First of all, Peter's suspicious vibe for Arthur Vickers hiding the calves shows how there is appearance vs the reality in the story. Although Vickers clearly told Peter, "They're all mine," (Ross, Page 443) referring to the calves and even showing him, Peter still did not believe him. Peter kept thinking about the appearance that Arthur hid his calves and wouldn't think about the reality that those calves do belong to Vickers. Peter gives off an appearance that he is trusting him when he "nodded as if I believed him and went back tractably to Tim." (Ross, Page

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