Online Dating And The Internet Essay

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At this day in age, technology gives us the opportunity to complete countless tasks through the internet. The internet allows us to obtain information within a matter of seconds, go shopping without having to leave the comfort of our own homes, and communicate with others instantly. Another popular thing the internet is used for is online dating. Online dating allows you to carefully choose who you would like to interact with. You are provided with all sorts of filters that you can use to determine what traits and qualities others possess before pursuing them. You are able to search for characteristics that matter to you and you have the ability to easily filter out the people who do not have what you are looking for. There are couples who were lucky enough to meet through mutual friends, high school, church, co-workers, neighbors, bars, and even parties. But for those less lucky ones who have yet to find a special someone through all of those social connections, and are unable to go on many adventures to meet new people due to busy schedules and responsibilities, online dating is a pretty good alternative. Online dating can provided you with access to many more potential partners that you otherwise wouldn’t cross paths with during your daily life. People have been using dating sites like, EHarmony, Tinder, and Plenty of Fish to meet other people who share the same interests as them. According to The Telegraph, is one of the most popular online dating
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