Online Gaming And Its Impact On Social Psychology

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Through the formation and participation of major professional online game competitions to more leisure forms of gaming entertainment such as popular YouTube channels, online gaming is continually growing from a form of hobby and quickly becoming a mainstream form of lifestyle. The idea of friendships initiating solely online, and growing into complex relationships that readily provide and accept social support, has become a vibrant social experience. Video game genres such as MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer Online), which could be subcategorized into genre’s such as MMORPGs (MMO Role Playing Games) or MOBAs (Massive Online Battle Areas), aggressively inspire interaction and communication between gamers. Popular MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft offer involving storytelling and large scale boss fights that require large amounts of teamwork and cooperation to succeed. These features strongly motivate communication and collaboration, which in turn possibly begin the development of acquaintanceship between players. The aspects of online relationships have only just begun to develop as a field of study in social psychology. More extreme aspects of online interaction and conduct have been studied in the past. Topics range from cyber bullying (Thacker, 2012), to online romances (Huyhn, 2013), even sexual and gender identity (Martey, 2014). The topic suggested here is more concentrated on social and emotional support, more precisely: Does the anonymity of being online allow people

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