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The online payment marketplace is experiencing an explosion of innovative ideas, plans, and announcements, which one commentator has likened to a “goat rodeo”, a chaotic situation in which powerful players with different agendas compete with one another for public acceptance, and above all, huge potential revenues. Others liken the payment marketplace to a battle among the four platform titans Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Each of these titans have their own versions of a future payment system that challenges the other players. And let’s not forget PayPal, the reigning power in alternative online payment, or the credit card companies who process over 70% of online payments, or the
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* Buy in-store with the mobile app
Tap your phone to pay and redeem offers, using NFC (near-field communication). NFC payments are currently only available in the United States.

* Manage your account
Sign in to manage your payment information and view your transaction history.

2) Checkout
Increase online sales using Google Wallet
New! Google Checkout is now Google Wallet for buyers. Google Wallet is a fast, secure checkout process that helps increase sales by bringing you more customers and allowing them to buy from you quickly and easily with a single account, online or in-store.
Sell worldwide.
Attract buyers in over 140 countries to purchase your goods and services online using their Google Wallet.

Convert more sales.
A fast, convenient checkout process helps Google users convert more than shoppers who have not used Google before.
Protect yourself from fraud.
The Payment Guarantee Policy protects 98% of orders on average – when an order is guaranteed, you get paid even if it results in a chargeback


Figure 1.3 show Amazon website

Amazon Services works with businesses of all sizes to provide products and solutions backed by the power of Amazon. For example, your business can reach millions of Amazon shoppers by selling on the Amazon Marketplace and then leverage Amazon 's fulfillment services to manage shipping and provide trusted customer service.
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