The E Commerce Industry

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Introduction With a steady increase of time, effort, and money being poured into digital marketing over the past few years, one can only wonder what this means for the future of online exchange, or E-commerce. It is said that by 2016, the web will impact purchase decisions of sales totaling $2 trillion. This is over half of all retail transactions (van Bommel Digital strategy is no longer something that can be overlooked, an extra tool for a company to take advantage of if they have the time, it is a key marketing driver in our technologically dependent society. The E-commerce industry as a whole has only been possible since commercial internet use came about in 1991. Meaning, this is a young industry which has seen rapid growth in such a short period of time. Because of this, there is a big push to see how the purchase decision is impacted by the rise of E-commerce. However, because this is a young industry, there is much marketers still do not know about the online purchase decision made by consumers. What does the future of e-commerce look like? What do marketers need to know in the creation and implementation of digital strategy? Where are the gaps in our current knowledge? This is where my research begins.
Literature Review My research began with reading current postings, articles, and studies looking at all different topics within the E-commerce industry. After thorough analysis of these pieces of literature, I was able to break my research down into three
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