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Amazon E-Commerce Evaluation and Recommendations
Estevan Pena
Devry University
E-Commerce for Small Business


Amazon is E-commerce Company, Amazon got its start as an online bookstore, but as the industry evolved so did Amazon. Amazon has become one of the largest online retailers now selling a variety of products including electronics, DVDs, CDs, video games, clothing, and general merchandise in the world. Today is the largest Internet-based company in the United States. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 was the release of the first online bookstore, Inc. revolutionized the industry. Amazon’s initial entry into the book industry was a bold and strategic move competing with traditional Brick and …show more content…

Amazon’s Business-2-Business community pays a fixed rate and a percentage of their revenue in exchange for Amazon’s convenience name and reputation. Due to Amazon’s efficient Business Model the online retail giant can move its inventory very quickly allowing the company to free up cash when needed to resupply ore to reinvest their funds.

Products and Services
Amazon’s primary source of income is the high volume sale of a vast variety of products and services sold online. These services are trusted by the largest companies in the world that range from a large scale of goods bought for resale from third-party sellers and merchants.
In order for Amazon to diversify itself from its competitors, the company offers many different services, which engage a variety of customers. When Jeff Bezos founded the company in 1994, he started the company as an online bookstore. Now in 2014, it is the largest Internet based company in the U.S. Amazon now sells, Digital content, Computer services, Retail goods, and other related consumer products. In addition, Amazon also produces consumer electronics such as the Amazon Kindle reader, Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Fire Phone. Amazon offers web services that provide low-cost data storage with high durability and availability. A few Amazon Web Services provided are Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon Storage

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