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2.43 (a) ➢ Website Name: LYNDA. ➢ Web address: ➢ Type of site: Online video tutorials and training. LYNDA PRIVACY POLICY SUMMARY: Last updated March 5, 2014 The privacy policy of LYNDA website is solely committed to protect and respect the privacy of users. ➢ Information They Collect About Users: The privacy policy clearly states the type of information they collect about the user; how they collect it and where do they store it. The type of information they collect may include i. Personally Identifiable Information: Information by which user may be personally identified, such as their name, email address, or school. ii. Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Information about users equipment, browsing…show more content…
Parts of policy those are clear or reasonable: ➢ Information They Collect About Users: In this aspect they are very clear on what type of information they are collecting. ➢ Disclosure Of Information: They are very clear where and when they have to disclose user information. Parts Of Policy That Are Not Clear Or Reasonable: ➢ Data Security: It is mentioned that they encrypt sensitive information but, what level of encryption is applied is not mentioned. ➢ Where We Store Data: It is mentioned where they store data but how secure is data there is not mentioned. (b) App name: IMO App type: Video-calling app Last updated: August 14, 2014 Privacy policy summary: What Information they Collect about users and Why? They collect information through the services they provide, This information can be provided directly by the user; automatically collected log data; IP address; cookies; information about friends and also chat history. They also clearly mentioned what data comes under each category and why they are collecting this information and what services are provided from this information. Sharing Users Information The privacy policy also states that they may share users information with parties other than IMO i.e. to the third parties, this may be done with or without prior notification to the user. The information they share without notification may include ➢ They share certain information about users with the companies
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