Ontario Human Rights Case

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The Ontario human rights case is about Micheal bates, he alleged that he was discriminated against because Zurich insurance charged him higher premiums for his automobile insurance than a young, single female driver with the same driving record or drivers over the age of 25.

In the case above, I am gearing towards discrimination all young drivers are not on the same level. The insurance company is failing to consider different perspectives or not planning on including all drivers. Even if the insurance company didn't intend to cause the barriers it's still considered discrimination based on Michaels gender, age and martial status. It's a negative stereotype and biases against Micheal because the individual is being judged based on negative feelings towards the gender. We have all heard statements about young male …show more content…

As I mentioned above the focus is on increasing insurance rates on males based on their age, gender, and marital status. Insurance companies like to increase insurance for males for the reasons above. Instead of making it equal access for everyone and starting off with a flat, basic rate that would go up based on speeding tickets and accident claims.

The prohibited ground will protect Micheal, he was discriminated against because of his association with a gender,marital status and age. The code prohibits discrimination because of age in all social areas including employment. It is called ageism its thinking about a person based on negative stereotypes, there is also evidence of martial status in the case the policies and actions are based on the stereotype of marriage. With a young man being married it's assumed that he will be less likely to drive fast or risky.

The exceptions under the OHRC is not relateable, the category does not include any specific defences and exceptions that would allow the behaviour to be otherwise

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