Operant Conditioning, The Strength Of Conditioning Essay

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operant behavior and because of the emphasis on the response it is called type R and also called operant conditioning. In type R conditioning, the strength of conditioning is shown by response rate, however in Type S conditioning the strength of conditioning is usually determined by the magnitude of the conditioned response. One example I can provide for Type S, on a daily basis, is when I see the mailman entering my building to drop off my mail. I immediately start feeling anxious and sometimes I feel afraid to get the mail, since in past occasions, I have received negative outcomes (career wise) by means of a letter. On another note, and example of how my behavior has been shaped through Type R conditioning is depicted in the following: In the past, I was involved in frequent traffic stops, due to not following or obeying traffic laws. Many times, I would just get a warning, but eventually, I received a traffic citation for rolling a stop sign. From that day forth, and upon receiving my punishment, I decided to be more aware of my driving habits, ensuring that I would not violate any traffic laws. I knew that if I did not change by way of driving (behavior), then I would continue receiving punishment in the form of traffic citations.
Skinner’s “Radical Behaviorism” asserts that mental activity is not important and that behavior is the only avenue for understanding people. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Provide examples that support your position.

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