Operant Conditioning Theory By B. F. Skinner

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Operant Conditioning Theory by B.F. Skinner is a psychological manipulation using rewards and punishments to enforce positive behavior. It uses an individual person’s response to events or stimulus. When a particular Stimulus-Response pattern is rewarded, the individual is conditioned to respond. The distinctive characteristic of operant conditioning is related to previous forms of behaviorism. The Operant Conditioning theory comprises of neutral operants, positive/negative reinforcers, and positive/negative punishers. Through these factors, we get the desired behavior of our subject because they do not want to be punished for under performing so they do what they’re told to or do more of what they were assigned to to receive positive stimulus …show more content…

You do the specific task because your boss will provide you with something rewarding, for example, in a work setting; going to work to receive a paycheck, you are driven by the reward of receiving that paycheck. So you can make your life easier by being able to afford the things you want. Another example is the offer of a promotion or a vacation. You are tempted to do your best because it will benefit your well being if they see you do well enough. There are different types of positive reinforcements. Primary reinforcement is when a reward strengths a behavior by itself, you work because of the payment. Secondary reinforcement is when something strengthens a behavior because it leads to a primary reinforce, you work to achieve your goal of getting a promotion, so you get there one step at a time. Negative reinforcement uses preventive measures to form a behavior. You do a specific task because it stops or removes an unpleasant stimulus if you keep doing what you do. For example, nagging. You do not want to be nagged by your boss to do your job, so you do your job on time and more than expected to avoid being nagged. You are tempted to do your best because it stops the unpleasant stimulus from

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