The Relationship of Power and Leadership Essay

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The Relationship of Power and Leadership

Management 1115 & Leadership

October 7,2012

In the world we live in today the roles of power and leadership are often confused. Although they have similar meanings, they can be distinctly defined between the latter. The key difference between the two is the term of effect. Power is the exercise of leadership, and leadership is only defined if you have power. Leadership always involves attempts on a leader to affect behavior or a follower in a situation, whereas power is not equivalent with influence on another person’s behavior. Although power and leadership have similar meanings, they are certain differences that can point out what makes …show more content…

Reward power is often common in the workplace when employees are praised from meeting goals or deadlines, or just having doing something special for another coworker. Rewards can range from gift cards, commission, pay raises or even promotions depending on the case. Everyone likes being praised for their accomplishments, so this power is usually one of the common powers in large organizations with a large amount of employees. (Abudi, 2011) As you can see having power has more advantages than disadvantages, but one of the main problems is that you can have the power and still not be an effective leader. When you have the authority, leaders often feel that they can say anything to make the people believe that they are correct. Most of the time people are blinded by the power, that they are often bamboozled to what is actually right. They feel that people with power can do no wrong; they will always be fair and truthful, when most who hold the power are not honest people at all. It goes to show you that just because you have the power, it doesn’t make you an effective leader, it just makes you the boss. Being in a situation where you have worked hard and not given the credit, due to the fact that you have had a manager with power that doesn’t want you to excel is an obstacle that many people working in society face today. So called leaders who hold their power

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