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Operating system research sheet

An operating system is software that manages resources and provides common services. Most applications that are completed by an operating system usually require the operating system to function and run properly. Operating systems can be found in so many everyday items, from cellular devices, to videogame consoles, to super computers, and web servers. The operating system should act as an intermediary between the input and output of hardware. The operating system that I have is Microsoft Windows 7 which uses a 64-bit operating system.

The Windows operating system started out simply as Windows 1.0, which was just a graphical personal computer operating environment. It was first released on November 20, 1985, and was the first step in a long line of Windows operating systems. The 1.0 ran on only a 16-bit shell that ran a whole slew of graphical applications for the windows program. Unfortunately, the windows 1.0 was received poorly by critics, who felt that it, did not meet their expectations. It had performance issues, and focused too much on the mouse, which wasn’t very popular at the time. Despite all criticism, The Microsoft windows 1.0 proved to be an important milestone in the Microsoft windows line of operating systems. A couple years later, in 1987, the windows 1.0 was succeeded by the new Windows 2.0 program, which was still 16-bits, yet it allowed the user to overlap applications, which was previously thought

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