Operation Eagle Claw, And It Was A Failure

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November 4th 1979American personnel at the US embassy are taken hostage in Teheran, Iran. The United States had never faced a hostage situation like this before. It did not have the Joint Special Operations Task Force trained in planning the mission or the resources for low visibility clandestine missions. The mission to save the hostages is called Operation Eagle Claw, and it was a failure. This mission on the other hand highlighted areas in the military that need tobe improved, and when the country required to carry out special operation missions in the future those resources would be there and ready.
Militant student, followers of the Ayatollah stormed the Embassy and took all personnel hostage. This was the second time in 1979 the embassy was taken and only a few people remained behind its gates. The students only planned to take the hostages for a few days, hopping that the United States would return the ousted Shah, to face trial. When the US refused, to return the Shah, the stalemate began, and the students held the hostages for 444 days.
The US realized that the hostages are not being released as before, and a rescue mission was needed to secure their freedom. A group was quickly put together to plan the rescue. Dubbed Operation Rice Bowl, flag officers from every branch of the military, began to plan the mission and gather intelligence. The officers of the planning, operations ensured that every branch of the military would have a piece of the mission; no

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