Operation Iraq Freedom Essay

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Operation Iraqi freedom started early march 2003 and after to mission was labeled as a “success” after defeating Saddam Hussein they were already involved with fighting Al-Qaida, Operation Iraqi freedom was 1 of the many code names for the war but it’s usually referred to as “Gulf War” Operation Iraqi Freedom is just 1 of the original names for the fight

Operation Iraq Freedom was 1 of the many code names for the war against Iraq and the capture or kill missions against Saddam Hussein The idea behind Operation Iraq Freedom war was to rid Iraq of It’s dictator Saddam Hussein and to target apparent WMDs (Weapons of mass destruction) and other chemical weapons sites although nothing was said to be found, This “War” is a very controversial topic when raised as …show more content…

Operation Iraqi freedom had a severe toll on the American government. Costing around 12 billion a month throughout the operation, these costs added up through supporting the new Iraq government by supplying aid, weapons and soldier benefits after the war, around 4,200 United states defense personnel died trying to liberate Iraq of it’s dictator/ looking for Wmd’s 2007 was the worst year for the death toll in the war having 900 troops being killed or went missing. Operation Iraqi freedom had an especially big affect on the American Soldiers involved 48% of the American soldiers that returned home from Iraq had mental health problems mainly due to seeing things the terrorists organizations had done to women/children or seeing friends killed, this took a large toll on the American budget for the war too seeing as these soldiers

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