The Battle Of Fallujah Brigade

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The 2nd Battle of Fallujah was fought during OIF 2 (Operation Iraqi Freedom). Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 began at about March-April 2004 and lasted until February-March 2005. The 2nd Battle of Fallujah began 7 November 2004 and ended 23 December 2004. The objective of the operation was to capture or kill those responsible for murders and, corrupt activities, and end the rise of the insurgency in the city. The intent of the operation was to restore control of the city to the Coalition and the Iraqi Governing Council. Some of the events that led to the 2nd Battle of Fallujah were the U.S. forces being unsuccessful during Operation Vigilant Resolve (the 1st Battle of Fallujah) to capture the city and the Fallujah Brigade failing to maintain control of the city.

At the end of Operation Vigilant Resolve, the Marines withdrew from the city and handed over security responsibilities to the Fallujah Brigade. The Fallujah Brigade was an Iraqi solution to the Fallujah problem, composed of former Iraqi soldiers and locally recruited men. Major General Jassim Mohammed Saleh who was immediately replaced by General Muhammad Latif, a former Iraqi Army Intelligence officer, originally led the brigade. The security responsibilities included provisions for the surrender of heavy weapons by the insurgents and stipulated that the Fallujah Brigade would initiate investigations murderers and mutilators of the Blackwater employees. The insurgents and terrorists expand through the city,

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