Opioid Abuse In America Essay

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Opioid abuse in America is a current health issue, like any other, where we view the problem from an analytical standpoint. While the numbers are devastating my main motivation for choosing this study comes from an emotionally driven place. Personally, I’ve known people who have been sucked into the addictive effects of opioids and, for years, it has affected an entire family’s, that I am close to, life from one person’s abuse of opioids. An example that many don’t think of when they imagine opioid abuse is how a simple mother could go from being an ordinary housewife to an opioid abuser, where her children are too scared to bring friend’s back home due to their mother’s state, and how she’s devolved into a person who steals from her …show more content…

The excluded respondents who participated in the survey were deemed to have answered the survey within a suspiciously short amount of time, according to the authors. The survey results were then turned into tables, charts, and statistics where they narrowed the results that they gathered into several factors. A few of the factors that they noticed were prevalent were simplified into “three domains: (1) causes of the problem; (2) attributions of responsibility for addressing the problem; and (3) support for policies recommended for curbing it” (Barry et al., 2016). A lot of the results gathered are quite eye opening, such as majority of respondents, 80.0%, noted that they neither were educated or understood how easily addictive the substance is and most, 78.0%, blame physicians for not properly educating them on the opioid pain reliever they prescribe to them (Barry et al., 2016, pp 1). While I mentioned that physicians were viewed as part of the problem of the growing opioid abuse crises, other people and companies were viewed as part of the problem such as the individual, drug dealers, health insurers, and pharmacy companies. Individual’s lack of control was viewed as a prominent belief for the issue, there are “minimal risks faced by drug dealers for illegal sale of opioid pain relievers” (Barry et al., 2016), health insurers put more money into paying out for opioid pain relievers instead of alternatives, and pharmacies lack explanations on labels about the

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