Opium War

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Opium War
There were two Opium Wars. The first one was from 1839-1842. This war was fought between China and Britain. This war was fought over the two not seeing eye to eye on a lot of things. The second Opium War was from 1856-1860. In this war the British forces fought toward the legalization of the Opium trade. The reason they did this was to be able to expand coolie trace, to be able to open all of China to British merchants, and also to be able to expand foreign imports from internat transit duties. This was when France then joined the British. In this essay we are going to cover both of the Opium Wars.
The expansion of European imperialism in Asia was all economic. In the British market there was a high demand for Chinese tea, also …show more content…

It is always a good idea to learn about all of the wars that there have been in history so that we can try and make sure that we do not repeat the same thing all over again. Reference
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