Essay on Opposition to the Establishment of the American Colonies

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In this chapter Howard Zinn goes into detail about how the American Revolution was faced with opposition and conflict while trying to establish the Colonies. In spite of the oppositions there was still considerable growth and expansion by the Colonies. Although expansion had taken place, there were some differences between the elites and the poor whites among the Colonies which resulted in them wanting political freedom from Britain. The constant unjust treatment against the poor whites was causing major problems in the colonies. After the French had been defeated, the British authorities decided to take stricter measurements over the colonies, in order to help pay for the French and Indian War. Zinn writes that “the war had brought …show more content…

Pg.65). Due to the constant opposition The Stamp Act was repealed. After the situation with the Stamp Act more problems arose in Boston, between the British soldiers and the crowds. The jobs were being taken by the solders from the people due to fewer jobs. The situations escalated which lead to the Boston Massacre that angered the public against England. This outraged was directed toward the British rulers. According to Zinn due to “Patrick Henry’s oratory in Virginia pointed a way to relieve class tension between upper and lower classes and form a bond against the British” (Zinn p.68). Henry’s efforts help to convince the people to join forces so that they could produce a mass movement against the British for their independence. The Continental Congress made its decision to separate after the British failed efforts to stop the colonist at Lexington and Concord. Finally after all the outraged the Declaration of Independence was drawn up by a “small committee written by Thomas Jefferson, it was adopted by Congress on July 2, and officially proclaimed July 4, 1776” (Zinn p.71) According to Zinn the “Declaration is not, centuries late and pointless, to lay impossible moral burdens on that time. It is to try to understand the way in which the Declaration functioned to mobilize certain groups of Americans, ignoring others” (pg. 73). There were still problems

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