Opression of African Americans

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Keona Turner David Agum African American Studies 1 October, 2010 Oppression of African Americans In the documentary Ethnic Notions directed by Marlon Riggs, illustrates the oppression African Americans have faced during the time of slavery up until the present day. The same forms of oppression blacks faced during slavery is the same type of oppression they faced today, decades after slavery was abolished. These forms of oppression still seen today are evidence that America has not made very little progress in eliminating the inequalities among the white and black Americans. The documentary uses different caricatures to portray African Americans in the wrong light. These characters were suppose to show the way …show more content…

Only the positive images were shown to make the outside world believe slavery was okay, and that no harm could come from having slaves. One dance the slaves danced was called the Jim Crow, it was a dance symbolized the way African Americans felt about segregation. The dance was not meant to be any racist term, but yet when the white man came and imitated the dance was

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