Optimism And Resilience

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“We build too many walls, and not enough bridges.” When people are themselves in a bad environment and continue to talk themselves down and look at the downside of things, it will then just be a little bit of a struggle for that individual to accomplish their goal. Optimism ,composure, and resilience are the three values that will most definitely change the way individuals approach new endeavors in life.

When people look at the glass half full it just makes the situation 100 times better. Being optimistic is very important when it comes to being independent in life. If a graduate is struggling after high school they will have to think of the good outcomes of it. The individual can’t just think that everything is over and just give …show more content…

Having composure is very important because let’s say a graduate has finished high school and does not know what to do with there life, they just need to stay composed and be calm and to not panic. The reason being is because do so individuals do they will become stressed and it may lead to other issues, for example being depressed. That is the one thing a person can not do after high school because after high school people want to get into a good college and become something one day, and by wanting to be successful in life the individual would most definitely have to have composure and to stay calm in any situation or problem because pain does not last forever. Moreover having composure having resilience is a very Important method to also succeed in …show more content…

An individual may be feeling sorrowful and may have gone into a bad mindset. If a individuals keep feeling that way for a while they would need to learn to have resilience. Having resilience will most definitely make an individual more radiant. The reason being is because let’s say this person is going through a rough time, it may be a fight with a friend, they would just have to recover/ get over the situation. They may think to themselves if that friend was really trustworthy or a good influence on them. If that individual answers no to those questions then they most definitely do not need them as a friend. Also when having resilience it will make people not care what others think of them. For example, getting bullied at school. If that individual shows that he/she has resilience it will stop the bully because it shows that they don’t really care, and all a bully wants is attention so having resilience will for sure take that away from

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