Oral Hygiene And Oral Health

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The oral cavity is more often than not viewed as a separate entity than the rest of the body. This is a mistake due to the overriding effect the mouth has on the rest of the body. This view needs to cease immediately due to the fact that oral health affects what people eat, their quality of life, and their speech.1 Oral health also plays an important role with chronic diseases. Unfortunately, oral health has not been a priority among many healthcare professionals, and this has lead to millions of patients suffering from toothaches and over poor oral hygiene.2
Health policies should be dicussed to involove oral health using sociodental approaches to finding out the needs and the practical risk factor approach for oral cavity health …show more content…

There are few efficient dental care systems to cope with their problems, and where there are, the cost is beyond most people’s means. Many people have untreated carries yet healthcare workers continue to loverlook this and focu on other parts of the body making oral health an afterthought.
Oral health affects people not just physically but also psychologically and it really influences how they grow up in life.1 Denta caries takes away from people’s quality of life. Pain, discomfort, disfigurement, acute and chronic infections, and eating and sleep disruption as well as higher risk of hospitalization, sre all in play when oral health is not tended to properly. With children, nutrition, and weight gain are affected by propoer oral health care. Children will develop toothaces, which leads to less eating, which leads to unhealthy habits for growing chilfredn. Poor helath care is like a chain reaction of bad descisions. Poor oral health can also lead to poor sleeping habits which decreases hemoglobin and a depressed erthyroctyre count. 3
In Brazil, in 2009, ninety per cent of pre-adolescents reported an issue related to oral health4. The prevalence of dental pain was up to around thirty four percent among Brazilian teenagers. In the United States, dental issues led to over 117,000 hours of school lost per 100,000 children.

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