Orem Self-Care Theory

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Theorist Selected: Dorothea Orem Description of Theory: This paper will discuss about Orem’s general theory of nursing and major concepts of her theory are person, health, nursing and environment. Orem’s general theory of nursing consists of three parts. Each theory is presented as a set of assumptions and propositions. According to Current Nursing (2012) (i) Theory of self- care includes: self- care means individuals perform activities on their own to maintain life, health, and well-being. Self- care Agency is a human ability to engaging in self-care conditioned by age developmental state, life experience, sociocultural orientation health, and available resources. Therapeutic self-care demand is,” totally of self-care action to be…show more content…
For an example Pain, if a patient telling nurse he/she is in the pain the nurse must believe it and help the patient to relieve the pain even though patient does not show any sign of distress or there are no changes in patient’s vital sign. Definition of person by Orem is very helpful to teach nursing student what is subjective. It teaches student to believe what patient telling instead of judgmental on patient’s complain regarding his or her discomfort. Do not decide for the patient but gives that power to the patient and help him or her to make choices regarding his or her care. It teaches importance about communication with the patient and other health care providers, also it is important to informed patient before the action or procedure will be done. For an example, make sure to communicate with a patient who is in coma because person has ability to feel, listen, and touch. Health: Orem (2010) stated,” health is a state of physical, mental, and social well- being and not only the absence of disease of infirmity” (p.184). Basically, patient/person is considering healthy when his or her is functionally and structurally whole or sound. It is a state of wholeness, and it is the responsibility of a society to supports health promotion and health maintenance. It is a result of physiological and psychosocial mechanism working together in relation to
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