Organizational Behavior, the Modele, Elements, Challenges.

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PRESTON UNIVERSITY EMBA PROGRAM DISTANCE LEARNING ASSIGNMENT ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR-1 Semester: Fall 2012 Deadline for Submission of Assignment: November 5, 2012 Attempt all questions. Your answers should not be copied, word-for-word, from the textbook. You may use the terms, concepts, examples from the textbook, but these must be written as your own, independent expression. 1. What are the three levels of analysis in this book’s OB model? And draw the diagram of OB model stage II 2. Identify the challenges and opportunities managers have in applying OB concepts. 3. Explain the key biographical characteristics and describe how they are relevant to OB 4. What are the main levels of…show more content…
| |C. Managing Workforce Diversity | |Workforce diversity is one of the most important and broad-based challenges currently facing organizations. | | | |While globalization focuses on differences between people from different countries, workforce diversity addresses differences among people within given | |countries. | | | |Workforce diversity means that organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity. It is an issue in Canada, Australia, | |South Africa, Japan, and Europe as well as the United States.
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