Organizational Culture And Organizational Behavior

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Culture play major role within the organization. It exists and plays a very crucial role in carving organization’s behavior. Organizational culture positively influences organizational behavior. People join number of organizations during their life. The organizations act as social tools to build the relationships between the individuals. Organizations are boundary maintaining, socially constructed and goal directed system, which focuses on the processes involved in the persistence, genesis and ethics of organizations. The individual will have to co-operate with the organization to achieve goals.
There can be factors to increase the effectiveness within the businesses. As organizational culture acts as base of business, this paper will analyze effectiveness through organization stand point. This paper also covers various aspects and elements of organization culture. The different dimension include involvement, care about clients, transmission of information, collaboration, learning, strategic direction, system of control, reward and incentive system, communication, integration and coordination.
Industry Trends

Cultural scale of the organization include
1. Involvement of employees and the organization.
2. Favorable condition for employees to make decision and bring new ideas.
3. Make work interesting and create willingness.
4. Managers coordinate with subordinates.
5. Making teamwork more efficient.
6. Problem solving techniques.
7. Transmission of information…
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