‘Organizational Culture Can Be One of the Most Important Means of Improving Organizational Performance.’ Debate and Discuss.

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‘Organizational Culture can be one of the most important means of improving organizational performance.’ Debate and discuss. Every Organization has a culture that constitutes the expected, supported and accepted way of work and behaviour. These influence everyone 's perception of the business from the chief executive to the lowest rank. Organisational culture can be described as the shared values, principles, traditions and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members act. The definition of culture implies three things: first, culture is a perception. It cannot be physically touched or seen, but employees perceive it on the basis of what they experience within the organization. Second, Organisational culture is…show more content…
In a strong organizational culture, the shared values and norms are clear, consistent and comprehensive. Values are intensely held and widely shared. Strong organisational cultures enhance individual performance by energizing employees with engaging ideals, providing identity and meaning, and shaping and coordinating employees’ behaviour. Strong cultures can also enhance corporate performance. There is a positive relationship between strength of corporate culture and companies’ long-term economic performance, but the relationship is modest, and some firms with weak cultures also have strong performance. When they are operating in relatively stable environments, firms with strong cultures exhibit superior and more reliable performance than firms with weak cultures. However, when the company’s environment becomes more volatile, this advantage is often lost. Performance of different types of organizational culture: The organisational culture and performance examines different types of cultures and compares how they perform in different circumstances. This approach looks for a cultural fit i.e. the extent to which an organisational culture suits the organisation’s circumstances, and predicts how well an organization will perform under those circumstances. If one thinks of an organisational culture as a way of controlling and governing an organization, three distinct

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