Organizational Learning At A Single School Site

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The article I selected to review was Institutional Barriers to Organizational Learning in School Systems: The Power of Silence (Rusch, 2005). This qualitative study examined the relationship between members of a restructuring network and the members’ formal district systems. The purpose of this article was to understand why and how a culture of organizational learning at a single school site (network member) affected or didn’t affect the culture of organizational learning within a district’s system. In this case, why cross-system learning communities that appeared to work in an unofficial alliance like the Pathfinder’s Network seemed to have little transferability to network members’ school systems.
The study was guided by the following questions:
1) In what ways do our current understandings about organizational learning support the transfer of learning from a single school sites to systems?
2) In what way do institutional scripts support or constrain a “process of becoming” among risk-taking, inquiring, and reflective principals who engage in new organizational structures like networks?
3) In what way do institutional scripts support or constrain talk about change in school systems?
Back in the 1990’s a wave of restructuring was often centered on the premise that educational excellence could be achieved by fundamentally changing one school at a time. This gained credence when numerous state and national networks formed as teachers and administrators began to tackle

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