Organizational Management And Leadership Styles Essay

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The meaning of management is 'the process of dealing with or controlling things or people’ (Oxford dictionary, no date). Henri Fayol suggested managers need to complete the following six points as a basic manager overview; predict and plan their business ' future, utilize resources to achieve set objectives, command a team to complete task 's, communicate between departments for task completion matching the business plan as stated by The importance of good management - recruiting, selecting and training entrepreneurial managers – Arcadia (1995). These coincide with the four more abbreviated roles of a manger as suggested by Schermerhorn (2011) which are plan, organise, lead and control with each manager having a varied style to complete these tasks. Management can come in many forms and styles. In order to be a successful manager you must know which style of management and approach to undertake to gain the most from the team/ organisation (Understanding management and leadership styles, no date). Leadership is a top priority on the agenda of a manager with it being recognized as a primary reason for both the success or failure of an organisation its applied to (Sadler, 2003). There are many types of leadership with each manager picking a style appropriate to the environment they are leading. Leadership is the ability to provide direction and influence people to achieve an organisation/ personal goals (Murari, 2015). The aim of this report will be to explore

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