Organizational Value Of The Slavery

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Organizational value of the slavery was an essential part of the Virginia and Chesapeake during the eighteenth century. The social practices and attitudes that accompanied the skin color based slavery system affected fundamentally all the fields of life. The slave system originated in early seventeen century and slowly prospers with increasing family based servitude system in African Blacks. Over the period of hundred years this slavery system became the critical component of the Virginia society due to obstructive legal system and social practices. The basic reasons of progression in slavery system in Chesapeake are fast growing agriculture system and need of extensive labor in this proliferating endeavor. The initial purpose of using slaves is the increasing demand of tobacco for export purposes but with time as slavery system entrenched in the society; the African slaves were used extensively in expanding farming and agriculture industry.
The Chesapeake and the Virginia were the center of interest for many colonists as this region provide high yield of tobacco whose demand start increasing globally. The Chesapeake provided a significant portion of financial gain through the export of tobacco. In the early seventeen century, the land of Chesapeake started to offer number of opportunities and ventures for different nations. Due to this reason number of English men migrated from different regions to Chesapeake and started working on different agriculture farms and
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