Organizational Values At The Centre Of All Human Decision Making

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Is it important to focus on organisational values and engaging stakeholders, including patients when working to improve care quality and patient experience? Values stand at the centre of all human decision making. John Kerry describes values as not just being words; values are what we live by .Every individual has a set of personal values which shape who we are and guide the way we live our lives. They form unspoken rules which support our decision making both consciously and unconsciously. When we work for an organisation that aligns with our own personal values we feel empowered and liberated. In the public sector the key to success whether in terms of employee or customer satisfaction begins with the values of the organisation. When discussing values we are identifying the deeply held principles, ideals or beliefs that an individual holds or adheres to when making decisions. An individual expresses their values through their personal behaviours whereas an organisation expresses their values through their cultural behaviours. Barrett R 2006 identify that value driven organisations are the most successful organisations on the planet. They continue to discuss that: • Values and behaviours drive culture • Culture drives employee fulfilment • Employee fulfilment drives mission assurance • Mission assurance drives customer satisfaction The values that underpin an organisation are either a reflection of the underlying beliefs of the present leaders or the

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