Standing On The Rooftop Of A Building

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Standing on the rooftop of a building in a city can give you the feeling that you can view the whole world from where you stand. Worldviews differ for every individual, shaped by their values, biases, prejudices, loves, commitments, and fears as mine is. Developed through experience worldviews shift, as I expect mine will many times. A large component of your worldviews are the values you hold, something that event affect other things that shape your worldview. Over the past 8 ½ months my world view has changed similarly to our Earth’s rotation, we do not feel it but we know it is happening and given time we can see of the stages that occurred. A value is a person’s judgement on what is important in life and is what priorities are within…show more content…
I feel this is the case for many people and is a human condition that can be suppressed if a person realizes the bias has developed into a negative prejudice. Prejudices are rooted in a person’s sense of justice, which is most likely why I have a prejudice against negative and unkind people. Because I have such a strong value of kindness I have developed a slight prejudice towards those who do not share this value though I try my best to not act upon this prejudice. The contrasting aspect of the prejudices contained in my worldview are my loves. What a person loves is such a broad subject it can mean anything from a person to a meal to a color. Some of my loves include my family, friends, food, my cat, myself, and hope that can be found when you least expect it. Each one of these things are large parts of my life that have influenced my life in a positive way and this positive influence is most likely why I have come to love them so much. Of course I love other things like books I have read like: Harry Potter, Les Miserables, and Stephen Hawking’s Brief History. Or shows I watch like: Supernatural, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, and Merlin. Or even my sweatpants, the color blue, and my soccer cleats. But all of these things have a lesser impact on my life even though I love them. In this way a person’s loves shape their core values and yet are also shaped by those values. Based on your love you can begin to

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