Origin Of Slavery Research Paper

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The origins of slavery dates back to the year of 1619 when British pirates seized African Americans from a Portuguese ship that carried slaves from Angola. When the slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, the emergence of African slavery began. During this time, the English settlers were in a chaotic society and was trying to figure the best way to survive and grow their economy. Although African Americans were certainly treated as slaves when they first arrived in Virginia, they were also considered ambiguous. Both African slaves and white indentured servants worked side by side with equal physical hardship and treatment. It also appeared that some African slaves were freed after serving a certain amount of years and acquired legal statuses. Anthony Johnson, an African slave was one of the few who obtained his freedom and by the 1640s, he became the owner of several hundred acres of land and had his own slaves. However, there were still racial distinctions enacted into the law of Virginia. “As early as the 1620s, the law barred blacks from serving Virginia militia” (Foner 101). The law also punished more severely towards the sexual relations outside of marriage between Africans and Europeans than two Europeans, and …show more content…

The increase of supplies allowed elite whites to expand their labor force with black slaves because it was cheaper to buy African slaves than white indentured servants. “At first, Virginia’s tobacco boom had benefited not only planters but also smaller farmers, some of them former servants who managed to acquire farms. But as tobacco farming spread inland, planters connected with the governor engrossed the best lands, leaving freed servants with no options but to work as tenants or to move to the frontier” (Foner 102). By the 1670s, the chaotic society of Virginia has developed into a nearly poverty free colony reminiscent of

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