Societies in The New England and Chesapeake Regions Essay

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After the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the powerful Old World scrambled to colonize it. The three major nations involved in this were Spain, France, and England. Spain took more to the south in the Central American and Mexico areas while France went north in the Canada region. The English came to America and settled in both the New England and Chesapeake area. Although the people in these regions originated from the same area, the regions as a whole evolved into different societies because of the settlers’ purpose for coming to America and the obstacles faced in both nature and with the natives.
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In New England, religion helped in the development of their society.
In the Chesapeake region, people came over for a very different reason. The people living here were in search of gold so they could become rich. Shown in the list of emigrants bound for Virginia (Document C), mostly men came over that were relatively young in age. Since there were not many women, societies were not as family oriented like those in New England. This area developed into a more business related area. Many indentured servants were brought over because of the Head right system. This system granted the landowner 50 acres for every indentured servant he brought over. The indentured servants were used to grow tobacco on the fields of the wealthy landowners. These indentured servants also helped to shape the society in the Chesapeake area. As the black slaves were introduced, segregation became very strong to separate the blacks from indentured servants. The more economic oriented Chesapeake developed differently from the more family oriented New England area because of the settler’s reasons for coming to America. The New England and Chesapeake regions evolved into different societies because of the obstacles faced in nature and with the natives. In New England,

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