Original Writing Of Walt Disney World

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As I was riding on the bus from my hotel on the way to the most magical place on earth, I could hear the sounds of happiness flowing through the speakers. The bus driver played tunes so soothing, yet so exciting. Children were playing, laughing, and screaming; they could barely contain their excitement. As an adult I wanted to act the same way, instead I sat there watching out the window, palms sweating and smiling big.
Finally arriving at the entrance of Walt Disney World there is an intense rush of people, pushing, shoving and running through crowds trying to get in the park faster than the next family. The first thing you walk upon when entering Magic Kingdom is the Main Street, USA. Beautiful buildings tower over you as you walk down …show more content…

Circling the statue the park breaks off into its many different “themed lands.” I remember looking in every direction trying to decide where to start. I decided on the right, walking under this big futuristic sign that says “Tomorrow land.” Tomorrow land was designed to give visions of the future. Everything was built with a silver and blue metal design. As I walked in I saw the Monsters from Monsters Inc., Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, and Buzz Light-year. This area contains several different rides, Space Mountain, Blue Line, and The Carousel of Progress, just to name a few. My family and I continued exploring, as we made it around, the futuristic design started turning into bright, fun and cartoon like features. We arrived in the next themed land over, the place called “Fantasy Land.” This place was designed very children oriented, based off of original Disney movies like, “The Little Mermaid,” “Winnie the Pooh,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” and several more. As adults that does not mean we cannot have fun either. We first spot an ice cream stand and with sweat running down our cheeks from the excruciating Florida heat we quickly head in that direction. I asked for a Mickey Ice Cream, a delicious chocolate and vanilla ice cream shaped as Mickey’s head. The ice cream instantly sends chills through my body and cools off my over-heated skin. I remember going from ride to ride having a

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