Originality In John Stuart Mill's Influence On Society

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Try to imagine a world today without any originality in it whatsoever. Attempting to do this is nearly an impossible task because originality has such an enormous influence on our daily lives. John Stuart Mill discusses the impact originality has on society in his essay, “Originality and Genius”. Mill talks about the positive effects that having an atmosphere of freedom has on a society, while also addressing the severe effects that would happen if that same atmosphere were to be nonexistent. I concur with Mill’s central argument, that as a society, we must acknowledge that an atmosphere of freedom is needed, in order to allow originality to flourish, thus preventing societal deterioration and eliminating mediocre tendencies. I I I I I
When the atmosphere of freedom is present, originality is able to prosper, allowing the discovery of new ideas, and for new genius to thrive. For instance the United States was founded on the principle of freedom for all of its citizens. This foundation is stated in the first amendment of the constitution, where the Founding Fathers list the freedoms that Americans have the right to. In doing so, this has allowed all people in the United States to have the ability and right to think and act, in whatever manner they please and provides our society with an atmosphere of freedom, enabling originality and genius to prosper. By supplying our society with this atmosphere, it allows its own people to make extraordinary discoveries and original

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