Origins of Athenian and Spartan Government Systems

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Origins of Athenian and Spartan Government Systems Ancient Athenian and Spartan governmental systems were the pinnacle of ruling during its time. Although both city-states had extremely different styles of administration, it still nonetheless contributed a lot to modern society. The famous Athenian Democracy for example, lays at the foundation of numerous modern nations such as, The United States, Norway, and The Netherlands. While Spartan governing was centered on war, they incorporated various elements from monarchies, oligarchies, and democracies that exists today. The city-state of Athens is known to have been one of the most advanced and scholarly civilizations during Ancient Greece, contributing tremendously to modern civilization. But it wasn’t until around 508 BC that they developed one of history’s most famous governing systems, a democracy. Athens was originally ruled by a select few from various aristocratic clans in the 7th century BC. These members, who were elected annually, were for the most part, the only ones who were allowed to participate in the Athenian council and enforce new laws. But like many uprisings in Greece during this time, Athens began to suffer from the same class conflict that had begun to spread like wildfire over other cities. These social conflicts arose from many political reformists such as Draco the lawgiver and Solon, who together, brought about changes in the Athenian political system that eventually paved the path for Athenian

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